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About Amy Hertle

About Amy Hertle

Hello! I am Amy.  I have worked in mental health and built a therapy and counseling practice over 30 years. My love of learning has led me to discoveries that have continuously enhanced my practice. I’m always searching for new ways I can grow personally and professionally in order to be my best and to inspire others to discover their best.

Combining clinical and holistic approaches to therapy, I create a relationship with my clients built on trust, safety, and respect where we are able to explore challenging and sometimes taboo subjects. In this non-judgmental and empathetic space, you will feel grounded, balanced, connected, and secure.

My goal is to inspire and guide you in discovery. Uncovering who and how you are living, identifying what is authentic to you, but also what is blocking you from the life you desire.

Collaborating in these discoveries we are able to do the work of healing, changing, and identifying goals, and creating action steps to realize these goals. I am a supporter, challenger, and cheerleader who believes we all have the ability to find and know our truth. We hold our own healing and answers deep within ourselves.

When you meet me at my office, my furry companion Bernard will be there to greet you as well. We can’t wait to meet you!

Complimentary Call

The first step in working together is to set up a complimentary call with me so I can learn more about your goals and desired transformation.

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