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Grief Counseling

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind.

Your loss may have been recent or long ago. It may be from a death, divorce, or breakup of a relationship. Grief may also be caused by losses such as the death of a pet, retirement, moving, loss of routine, expectations, environmental/social changes, financial struggles, health issues, or other painful life experiences.

Grief is as individual and unique as you are.

There are no stages of grief and it is not neat or predictable process.  The range of emotions associated with grief is as varied as there are people and personalities. There is no list of feelings that would adequately describe one person’s emotions, much less an entire society.

The Grief Recovery Method (GRM) helps people move beyond the pain and heartache of loss even though it is not an easy journey.

The Grief Recovery Method is unlike traditional grief counseling in that it is an action-oriented course that typically lasts 8 sessions. GRM focuses first on examining and dismantling the unhelpful coping strategies that were learned and then learning a new way with tools and action steps to support completion of what was left incomplete following a loss. These action steps will require attention, open-mindedness, willingness and courage.

What it is:

  • The ability to stop avoiding, to remember your past without the pain, desperation or anger
  • The ability to complete what was left unfinished with a loved one you deeply appreciated, a less-than-loved one who was never there for you, or even an opportunity in your life that never materialized
  • To live without the baggage of your past losses weighing you down, continuing to sabotage your efforts to thrive, move forward and connect

What it is not:

  • Forgetting the person or the experiences that were important to you in order to feel better
  • That you will never feel sad again, or that you will never again miss having the person you lost in your life
  • That you must feel instantly better, or that time moves backward and you are the same as you were before your loss occurred

Who is Grief Recovery Method for?

Grief Recovery Method is for you, if you want to:

  • Let go of the grief and loss in your life, regardless of what or when it happened
  • Let go of feeling overwhelmed, fearful or stressed
  • Let go of the feeling of being stuck and miserable in life
  • Feel empowered and able to move forward in life again

Grief Recovery Method is not for you, if:

  • You just want to “try it” and don’t have the intention to follow through, do the homework assignments or implement what you learn
  • You are not ready to heal your grief and let go of the pain, and that is absolutely OK.

This method is a great fit for the person who does not like the idea of years of therapy. To learn more about the institute where this program was developed and watch video testimonials, please visit griefrecoverymethod.com

Want to explore your relationship with grief? Let’s talk!

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